A Quick Guide to Termites in Toronto

According to the most recent Toronto Termite Map, the Termite epidemic is in full force; termites in Toronto have been a problem ever since 1938. However, several decades have passed and now there have been significant advances in the innovation of pest control treatments for termites.

If you are here, you most likely are wondering how you can best get rid of your termite problem. But before choosing a termite control company, you first should educate yourself on everything you need to know about termites in toronto…

Quick Facts About Termites in Toronto

Here are some interesting facts about termites that can help you to become more aware of the problems that many homeowners and property owners are having in the region of Toronto.

  • Termites do not like open air & they congregate in colonies.They burrow and construct their nests underground, in tunnels, and where there is the most moisture.
  • You will most likely find them in colonies around areas of a property or home where the soil is in contact with wood. For instance: they can be commonly found in musty basements, corners of foundations of homes, crawlspaces, and garages.
  • It is reported that termites invaded Toronto in near the Cherry St. Harbour after coming from the North-Western region of the United States.
  • Even the most upscale neighborhoods of Toronto are not exempt from the nuisance of termites. The Toronto Termite Map indicates that the Danforth, LeslieVille and Little Italy areas have all been impacted with termite infestations recently.

What to Do About Termites in Toronto

Discovering that you have a termite problem can send you into a panic. It is better to be aware of a termite problem and do something about it, then to ignore it entirely like it will go away on its own. If someone that lives nearby has termites, then the likelihood that they are coming your way is strong. It is a wise idea to address the problem promptly before the termites cause more damage.

Your Options in Treatments for Termites in Toronto

The bad news about tackling the termites in your Toronto home or property is that most insurance policies DO NOT cover damage resulting from termites. The good news is that you have plenty of options when it comes to treating and nixing termites for good.

Most termite control specialists use liquid treatments. It typically entails a termiticide being applied or sprayed around the walls of a foundation, in areas surrounding the interior & exterior basement walls and floors and around the soil outside of the walls of your home or property.

BugsRUs uses the latest technology in termite treatments – Altriset®. Altriset® is formulated to do what other termiticides don’t. It works to cease the termites from feeding within mere hours, provides termite control within three months of treatment, spreads to other termites in the colony and is non-toxic to other types of beneficial bugs (earthworms & honey bees.)

Getting Started With Treatment For Termites in Toronto

If you think or know that you have a termite infestation, then the sooner that you get a hold of us the better. You have no time to waste as termites can do a vast amount of damage in only a few days. You can also opt for a thorough termite inspection from BugsRus so that we can best assess the property to make sure it is termite-free or to treat the premises to rid it of any termites before you purchase or move in.

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