Residential Termite Elimination in Toronto, ON

Are you in need of residential termite control in Toronto, ON? Contact Bugs R Us for termite control that is non-toxic and will actually get rid of your termites. Bait stations are used to monitor and drive termites from you property using Altriset termiticide.

We are dedicated to helping you handle your problems as quickly and safely as possible. All termite control work is done by the owner, Michael, who has over 20 years of experience. To learn more about the standard method that we use, visit the section that we have dedicated to Altriset termiticide. For any other questions, you can give us a call at 416-396-1515.

Residential Termite Elimination

Have you noticed the signs of termites in your home? Some of the most common signs that you have termites would be physically seeing termites or termite tunnels around the exposed wood, concrete, or brick in your home. Many of these signs are found in damp places like basements or crawl spaces.

Termites can be stressful to handle and difficult to effectively get rid of on your own. When you need quality termite control that actually works, contact the experts at Bugs R Us. With the use of bait stations we can keep your property termite free. If termites are not found in your bait stations they are not in your home. With bait station monitoring we can keep your property safe without a renewal program, saving you 10% of the treatment cost per year. When you need termite control for your home in Toronto, give us a call at 416-396-1515 to schedule an appointment.

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