Termite Inspections & Treatments for Termites in Toronto

They say “Home is Where the Heart is”; It is also where you seek sanctuary, however when everything that you have vested in gets overridden by termites- it can turn your life upside down. Termites are highly destructive pests that can cost you a small fortune if not detected early enough. It is also far easier and less costly for you to opt for termite treatment than you may assume.

Why Should You Get a Termite Inspection?

Termites can be found in so many places on your property or home. They feast on the cellulose contained in wooden materials such as furniture, books, paper products, lumber, and other types of wood. They can do substantial damage to your home in very little time. And the odds that your home insurance will cover the damages caused by a termite infestation are slim. It is for this reason that you should act in haste to get an extensive termite inspection in order to keep your home protected, sound and ultimately safe from the ravaging effects of termites.

Quick Fact: if you are considering purchasing a home or even own a property currently, you absolutely must protect your current or future investment by opting for a detailed termite inspection from a licensed specialist versed in termite control and removal. With the staggering rates of infestations being reported in the surrounding Toronto areas – it is essential that you have your property checked thoroughly for termites.

Termites in Toronto: Inspection Reports

BugsRus has a well-trained team of specialists that will inspect your property thoroughly. They will also supply you with an outlined report that details your problem areas and.potential termite infestation risks. If termites are discovered , our inspectors will also provide you with the most effective recommendation for termite treatment and removal.

Termite Treatments in Toronto: What You Need to Know

There are many treatments that may work efficiently to help rid your home of termites. Most treatments require that a professional technician with a license in termiticides perform them. BUGSRUs only recommends that our clients utilize the powerful termite treatment that beats all- Altriset.

Altriset is one of the most popular termiticides used by top professionals all over the globe.

Altriset is injected about 4ft into the soily areas that are at risk for termite infestation and into the structures *interior and exterior” that are already infested. Walls in the foundation, floors of the basement and sides of the walls are all treated similarly. Any holes or crevices found will be sealed after applying the chemical. One of the best pros of this type of treatment is that it protects your house by shelling out future infestations.

How to Prepare for Termite Treatment

Altriset treatment for termites in Toronto takes about a full day to complete as it is complex to be certain that all areas are treated and that the treatment is applied adequately and effectively. To help the termite specialist out, you may want to prepare by moving objects away from the walls on the exterior of your home, garage and basement. BugsRUs will discuss with you any special instructions or concerns they have with rendering treatment successfully.



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